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These seven California home mortgage loan calculators will help in determining your financial needs and pave the way for a quicker home loan process!

Amortization - To find out how much interest you can save by paying a higher monthly payment. Calculate!

Early Pay Off - This helps you find out how you can save by paying your mortgage loan off in advance. Calculate!

Home Pre-Qualify - This calculator tells you how much house you can afford..

Income Assessment
This calculator tells you how much income you will need for a particular purchase amount. Calculate!

Loan Break Even
Can you save more interest? This financial calculator helps you find out. Calculate!

Loan Comparison
Compare loans to see which one suits your needs more. Calculate!

Monthly Mortgage Payment
Calculate monthly mortgage payments based on your selected range of interest rates and loan amounts.

Use our quote form, a mortgage feature on California Mortgage & Home Equity Loans, Co. to locate a lender in your area offering the mortgage product that best suits your needs. The independent lender you select will work with you to help find a low-cost mortgage that meets your needs. Apply today!