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Credit Report Info

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When you order your credit report, keep in mind that everyone, at one time or another has had trouble making a payment on time. Late payments fewer than 30 days should not automatically disqualify you from getting a mortgage. You may find yourself in difficult financial situations due to illness, divorce, or temporary unemployment. With the proper documentation and know how you can clear these issues up with a couple of letters or phone calls. Find out how to fix your credit!

Although your credit history is important, it’s still just one factor in the decision to approve your mortgage. If you can demonstrate that your credit problem is in the past and you’ve been able to reestablish a good track record, speak to your mortgage broker / lender openly about your situation. We’re happy to work with you to evaluate your current home financing options best suit your particular needs.

But first, find out more on credit reports and what they mean to you. Continue reading the other “Credit” sections for more information on your credit report, what’s on your report and how to obtain a credit report.

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