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Other Documentation

California Mortgage & Home Equity Loans, Co.

Debt Documentation

The most recent statement or payment booklets for present creditors, which should include name of creditor, addresses, account number and balance. Debt documents are as follows:

  • Car loans.
  • Student Loans.
  • Credit Card accounts.
  • Current mortgage or home equity loan account(s) with 12 months canceled checks and lender contracts.
  • Name and address of present landlord along with last 12 months’ canceled rent checks.
  • Divorce decree or separation agreement to document alimony and / or child support.
  • A copy of any bankruptcy proceedings. An explanation letter should also accompany this document.
  • Explanation letter for any judgments with a copy of release.
  • Explanation letters for other delinquent credits accounts on your credit report (late payments, liens and foreclosure)

Property Documentation

Fully executed copy of purchase agreement. If your applying for a new construction loan, you may need to provide copies of plans and specifications from the builder / contractor(s). Information needed for any and all property owned is: lender name, account numbers, purchase price, principal balance, monthly payments, copies of rental agreement if leasing, type of property and signed tax returns for the past two reporting years. Property documentation:

  • Legal description of the property being purchased. (May be obtained by sales agent).
  • Copy of listing sheet. (May be obtained by sales agent).
  • If you are in the process of selling a home, you will need to provide the fully executed contract of sale along with copy of the HUD-1 closing statement.

Misc. Documentation

  • If you are a resident alien, evidence of permanent residency issued by INS (a.k.a. green card)
    Names, addresses and phone numbers of all parties involved in this transaction, including attorneys and/or closing agent and real estate agents*
  • Copy of recorded deed (refinance only)
  • Depending upon the product and program for which you are applying, additional information may be required.

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