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Before you go looking for a home, you may want to consider getting pre-qualified to reassure yourself that you will be financially able to get a mortgage. Getting pre-qualified can give you a significant advantage while you’re shopping for a home. It lets everyone know you’re a serious buyer! Other items to investigate before finding a home:

  • Check your credit history and save as much as you can on your down payment and closing costs.
  • Our seven calculators can help you find the loan that best fits your needs.
  • Get a free mortgage loan quote before you start looking. You’ll have more negotiating power and will help the process move along faster.
  • Gather the necessary documentation and paperwork ahead of time. For a list of paperwork see “Loan Preparations”. It will save you lots of stress and be running around.
  • Before or after you find the right home, apply for your mortgage quote TODAY! Do it online, it’s quick and easy!
  • Get a homeowner’s insurance quote before purchasing a home.
  • When should you apply for a mortgage?

You can get a pre-qualified loan before looking or when you have a firm agreement with the seller to purchase a specific property. The pre-qualified loan is the best way to go; you’ll know just how much home you can afford before you start looking. And finally, at the latest, 60-90 days prior to the date you would like to move in.

Keep in mind, even if you do not have a specific property in mind, you can still apply for your mortgage.

Continue reading for more information on “Make an Offer” that you will need to know about in order to be better prepared for a California Mortgage Loan!

Use our quote form, a mortgage feature on California Mortgage & Home Equity Loans, Co. to locate a lender in your area offering the mortgage product that best suits your needs. The independent lender you select will work with you to help find a low-cost mortgage that meets your needs. Apply today!